Saturday, 1 March 2014

Monster Mum ♥

"Monster Mum" was inspired by a book I found in a charity shop a few years ago called "When Mum turned into a Monster". Only recently was I allowed to take it back out and read it again as my eldest daughter didn't like it. In fact she was quite scared of it for a long time.

"When Mum turned into a monster" is a story about the busy mother of two cheeky children who don't pay attention to what they do. They are ruthless and misbehaved. Every time they do something naughty their mother grows a part of monster...first the ears, then the hands, then a tail until she turns completely green and explodes with rage!

This is such a familiar story. I can often feel my hands turning green or see a tail appearing behind my back... my children live with this half human-half monster creature who is trying to do its best - even when shouting. 

I often wonder what they see when I'm angry? How does my face look and what are their thoughts? I remember very clearly when my mum was mad at me... she'd be furious and I'd be scared. It made me sad and I felt lonely and misunderstood.

Whenever I become a monster I don't gloss over it and expect everyone to forget about it. I usually apologise and explain. I also tell them that even when I'm angry I love them dearly. So I guess that even when the monster mum appears I still have the nice mum attributes...or so I'd like to think... 

I hate being the monster mum and luckily for everyone... doesn't happen very often.

Amy Dignam © 2014

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