Sunday, 1 June 2014

Mercedes Ferrari ♥

During the search for new artists for my recent Desperate Artwives exhibition at the Crypt gallery, I came across Mercedes Ferrari. 

Mercedes Ferrari's work is composed of sculpture, drawing, video and performance. Packed with humour and energy, Mercedes' work explores human behaviour and relationships with the domestic space. Using readymade materials and traditional objects, she assembles them together transforming them into unique installations with a universal meaning. 

Her human-like creatures are often shaped as the human female body. With this, Mercedes attempts to deconstruct the social stereotyping of women, such as the objectification of women as domestic fixtures and mothers.

In her work - full of different patterns and colours -  she not only challenges her own sculptural language but also tests our sense of humour touching, on the tragicomedy of daily life. 

Works such as 'La Mujerzuela(The Floozy)', 'The Female Peg' and 'Memories as an Object' really stand out for me because of their simplicity in the making but nonetheless incredibly significant in their intent. 

'La Mujerzuela' was selected for the show at the Crypt gallery. I have to be honest and say I couldn't keep my face straight in front of it. Its bizarre nature makes fun of women and subsequently I could not help laughing at myself. Much more seriously, 'La Mujerzuela' underlines issues with the female body, often seen as a commodity without taking into consideration the personality or dignity. 

Mercedes is a masters graduate from the University of Brighton.

'La Mujerzuela(The Floozy)', lampshades sculpture, 2013

'The female peg, like a 24hrs shop ready to serve',  pencil and peg, 2010
'Memory as an object', mixed media, 2012

Amy Dignam © 2014 

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