Thursday, 26 March 2015

London Fashion Kick calling ♥

London Fashion Kick is one of many events created and produced by my good friend and fellow art curator Nadia Spita

Nadia is an incredibly talented young woman with 15 years experience in organising events, but not only that, she is also the most easy going and cheerful person you can come across in this business. 

Last year she has helped me with promoting and curating the Desperate Artwives' Up the Wall exhibition for the Barbican Arts Group Trust (see May 2014 blog entry) and at the end of our two installation days, the Director commented that never in his career had he witnessed so much contentment during such a critical stage of the job.

We worked hard but we also laughed a lot and I guess this is because essentially we both really enjoy what we do.

Fashion is not something I relate to much these days - I'm always too busy and usually too skint to be preoccupied with being glamourous. Nonetheless, fashion is great and yes, I occasionally dream about tossing away my old scruffy, overused 1990s wardrobe and starting over. One day...

In the meantime I got a glimpse into this magical world by designing goody bags for the debut of London Fashion Kick.

The design of these goody bags is inspired by a combination of the fashion world and my own deluded attempts as a mother of three to keep up with times. I carefully "Tipexed" the faces of the beautiful, glamorous models, intentionally leaving them with one eye, one ear or the nose as a reminder that beauty remains within myself but is slowly being stifled by reality.

The signature on the back of the bags is made by cutting from fashion magazines (mainly Vogue) the lettering of major fashion designers and sticking them together to create the impression of a really powerful and attractive name for myself, although made from other people's accomplishments.

For more information about the London Fashion Kick please follow this link

Amy Dignam 2015 ©

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