Sunday, 15 December 2013

Sleeping ♥

Sleeping is a good memory of mine. I think that when I took these photos back in 2005 I'd somehow foreseen into the future. As I come across these today I couldn't help but thinking what a easy life I had back then. I mean, what did I do all day? Yes, I had a job but still. 

At the end of the day instead of coming straight home I would go to the gym or meet Mike or some friends for a drink and then maybe end up going for a meal in some or other restaurant. I would watch movies I planned to and not just random ordinary and dull films that happen to be on telly. 

Life has changed indeed and looking at these pictures 8 years on I can't help but feel they were made to tease me in the future...the future that is happening now. 

If I could say one thing to myself back then would probably be "Sleep Amy, sleep, sleep and then sleep some more!"

Amy Dignam 2005 ©

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