Friday, 6 December 2013

Today I washed my hair ♥

Some of you might think 'big deal!'... And you're right! In my life at the moment even finding the time to wash my hair is difficult, and when that moment comes it is indeed a 'big deal'!

I started writing this blog with the intention of collecting and channelling my creativity but as expected, my busy schedule doesn't allow me to post everyday. However, in future I will try harder to regularly publish modest posts amongst the very long, important ones
so as to remain faithful to my original concept of this 'Five a Day' blog.

Today I'm beginning a 'lighthearted' series of posts which will hopefully continue whenever something small but nonetheless relevant occurs.

The images below were taken today. One of my friends came by to baby sit the children for a couple of hours so that I could take care of a few things around the house. I carelessly decided to gloss over all the house work that needed doing and took a long bath instead. I loved it and I needed it! 

'Today I washed my hair' is the first in a series of pictures documenting how simple everyday rituals can become of great significance when you can't do them as often as you used to... and so rewarding when you get them back.

If any of my friends are reading this come and give me a hug tomorrow and get lost in the fragrant smell of my rainforest flowers hair!

Amy Dignam 2013 ©

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