Friday, 2 May 2014

Desperate Artwives 'Up the Wall' exhibition ♥

Desperate Artwives 'Up the Wall' exhibition at the Atrium space displayed an eclectic collection of works by ten women artists. 

Wives and mothers met yet again with the aim of re-interpreting the themes of family life. 

But how do we interpret our everyday lives? How do we deal with the incessant passing of time? Some of us use unorthodox methods. For example, Tracey Kershaw takes a cutting of her son's hair, mixes it with colourful jelly and allows it to mould. The result is beautiful images, cleverly cut out into circle shapes reminiscent of a microcosm of life seen through a microscope or perhaps distant moons in the sky. 

Other artists play with everyday objects, transforming them into something precious by covering them with gold leaf (me!)or by creating unlikely toys for children - I'm referring to 'Baby First Survival Kit' by Rachel Fallon. Rachel made a knife and a rattle with soft cloth. The knife perhaps symbolising our so called generation of doomed youth... or perhaps she might be pondering on the idea of 'self defence - teach them while they're young'? The rattle on the other hand, with its breast shaped top, including a very sore nipple, could be a tribute to the breastfeeding mother and the breast obsessed child! Women as objects also plays a big role in Sharon Reeves' etching series 'Voyeur'. Laces and the human body are intertwined behind black stencil. What one can see depends on what the viewer, or in this case the "voyeur", chooses to see. Sharon's themes come from 'suppression, inhibition, emotional resistance and freedom of expression of femininity, sexuality and self'.

Desperate Artwives 'Up the Wall' was another beautiful trip through womanhood, motherhood and everything that comes with it. Did you miss it? Here are some images!

Amy Dignam 'Golden Dinosaur' and Rachel Fallon 'Baby First Survival Kit'
Karen Barnet 'Our Dresses' and Sam Alderslade 'Small Appliance'

Esther Geis 'I bow to the lotus feet of my teachers' and Juliet Guiness 'Cortex'

Sharon Reeves 'Voyeur series 1' and Julie Swindel 'Woman with nettles'

Louise Nevett 'Stains' and Tracey Kershaw 'Circle of Decay 1'

Amy Dignam 2014 ©

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