Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Coming back from the school run ♥

Doing the school run must be one of those things that after a while becomes so automatic one doesn't even notice it anymore. Switch to auto-pilot and off you go... Every morning my routine is based on choices of cereal followed by "Can I have something else?" and then, one by one, they all go through the same process; wash, clean teeth, brush hair, get dressed and out. Of course it is never that straight forward. 

Today on the way back from school Dakota wanted to walk, so we strolled around looking at what autumn has on offer this year. It must have been raining last night as the streets were soaking wet and the puddles at the edge of the pavements had fun and games with reality.

I'm not sure how many pictures of puddles I have taken through my career as an artist. The thing is I never get bored of seeing how distorted or spectacular the world is seen through them!
Reflections in water reveal notions of fairy tales. The world becomes dreamy and what's there turns into the stuff of memories. I just love how the pavement and sky becomes one - reality and dream.
These few snaps were taken this morning on the way back from the school run. There's something utterly melancholic about these images although they've only just been taken. It's a moment, a specific moment in life that, just as many an untold story, goes unnoticed. 

Amy Dignam 2013 ©

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