Saturday, 18 January 2014

Coming up ♥

Hello everyone, 

As of next week I will begin featuring artists on this blog. Some may come from my Desperate Artwives project; others will be artists I've met, or will meet, along the way. I believe that sharing and collaborating is a very important step along an artist's path. It enables you to experiment differently with your own work, creates debate and inspires and motivates new work. 

Since launching the DAW project I came across many artists from around the world with impressive artwork and amazing stories to tell. Women would get in touch with me sharing their life stories, their hopes and sometimes their desperation about finding the time to make art. Very often I've thought that the stories behind the works would make a good book! Obviously I haven't forgotten about them, in fact, some of them made such an impression that I was inspired to feature their work here. I could not wait any longer and last week I got in touch with a few and invited them to take part. I feel extremely excited and lucky to be able to introduce these incredible and awe-inspiring artists to you all. 

Please keep reading and spread the word!

Later on,

Amy x

Ps.If you're a visual artist and you think your artwork could be part of the Desperate Artwife blog I would like to hear from you! 

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