Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Egg surprise ♥

This Blog entry was created especially for 'The egg, the womb, the head and the moon' art collective. The creator of this project is Helen Sargeant, visual artist and mother of two.

Helen writes "The egg, the womb, the head and the moon is an online, interdisciplinary, collaborative arts project that will last for nine months (42 weeks)–a time frame that purposefully mirrors that of the duration of pregnancy. The site contains moving and powerful art and texts by artists, performers, photographers, academics and poets exploring a diverse range of subjects about the maternal. At the end of the 42 weeks (May 2014) a celebratory exhibition will be held at The Artsmill Gallery in Hebden Bridge. The exhibition will be born out of the communications and interactions made visible through this space."

Helen Sargeant (who is also a Desperate Artwife and participated in the second part of the show in London in 2012) will feature on this blog very soon... 

Please take a moment to visit her wonderful blog -

Egg Surprise 

'Egg surprise' is an overview of the primordial state of life inside a woman's body and how a story unfolds from it. Empty eggs, full eggs, painful eggs, unwanted eggs. Whilst these decisions are made for us within our bodies, we have no choice or control over what the outcome will be. During this time our brains are full of random thoughts. Dealing with a pregnancy, expected or not, triggers many doubts and anxieties. 'Egg surprise' is the silent scream of happiness, fear, rejection, hope, relief and the many other feelings a pregnancy brings to light. 

The playful idea of using a chocolate egg as the involucre for such a sensitive issue comes from my knowledge as an experienced parent. The future of a mother to be is chocolate. Chocolate could easily have been one my kids first words - they're pretty much obsessed with it - it's unbelievable how so much of their time and energy goes towards earning points for some sort of chocolate reward!  

I like the idea that even in those early stages my children were forming all those genetic characteristics that I am still learning about now. Chocolate is truly in our families genes.

With these images I try to symbolise the essence of the parent/child relationship. The effort, the patience, the will and sometimes the battles we go through in creating life intertwine with our kids favourites - chocolate, surprises and toys.  

                         Amy Dignam 2014 ©

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